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Chommy Program Launch

On June 3rd, 2023, the Deputy Minister for the Department of Social Development will host the launching of the Chommy program at Phatsima village in the Bojanala District. This event will serve as a platform for the Deputy Minister to engage in dialogues with youth aged between 10 and 14 from Phatsima, Ledig, and Mahobieskraal villages.

The Rustenburg centre of Mmabana Arts, Culture, and Sport Foundation offered aerobics and self-defense workshops at the Chommy activation in Phatsima, Rustenburg. The Chommy program, developed by the National Department of Social Development with the support of USAID through the Government Capacity Building and Support Programme, aims to empower children towards a brighter future by utilizing African prints, idioms, and indigenous games to enhance their self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-identity while minimizing risky behaviors. It also provides a safe space for children to engage in discussions and activities related to HIV prevention, teenage pregnancy, and unplanned pregnancy.

The Rustenburg centre proudly showcased the beautiful quilting and sewing works created during the outreach workshops that were previously hosted in collaboration with various centres across the Bojanala region. These workshops provided a platform for participants to develop their skills in quilting and sewing, resulting in remarkable and creative works of art. Exhibition highlighted the talent, dedication, and artistic expression of the participants, serving as a testament to the success and impact of the outreach workshops organized by the Rustenburg centre.

Mmabana is dedicated to nurturing and developing talented artists, providing them with platforms to showcase their artistic talents.

For more enquires on The entity programmes email or visit the MACSF centre nearest to you.

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