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Oh! well, how honest can one be when they talk or writes about themselves?

I am Michael Moshemi Molapisane Shaun Mangoathe Moatshe, second born to Mr. Mangoathe & Mrs. Mangoathe, I have three siblings, Lizzard, Cronje & Nani, a gorgeous wife and two handsome sons.

Enough about that, I am a Motswana originally from Brits (Madibeng) North West Province. I was born 40 years and couple of months ago. I am stubborn, funny, argumentative, I take it as it is, don’t care kind of attitude. For the how? Any way I enjoy what I do and love doing it to content. I try so hard to be a hustler, the letters down balance, anyway; I love my family and please do not attempt anything bad towards them as it wont end well for you. I don’t hack but believe me, I will find you, hack everything that is hackable, this will include everyone in your family… and few of your relatives. I know someone who tried me before it did not end well. But they still alive.

I love arts, I wrote poems, love singing and also enjoy sport, I am not @ MACSF for nothing but for fun…. I will continue tomorrow…..



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