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15 December 2022

Mmabana Call for auditions for Short Film Letsopa

05 December 2022

Mmabana Call for auditions for Short Film Letsopa

Mmabana Arts Culture Sport and Foundation in partnership with Gateway media, are producing a short film in the North West province- Letsopa. The film’s objective is to explore the uncomfortable norm of raising a boy child in a broken while exposing the awkward subject of gender based violence enacted on the male gender.

Letsopa is a short film that is set in a mining village in Rustenburg, North West Province. The film explores the uncomfortable family dynamics that exist is society. The story takes us on a journey of how the fear of facing and dealing with psychological issues can cripple one into becoming a real role model in the family or community. Ntate Mohlala is suddenly faced with raising his son- Kagiso alone after the passing for his wife, who was a staunch home maker. Kagiso is left no choice but to find solace in the pottery classes at a local Art Centre. 

Mmabana will host the auditions at the Mahikeng center between the 19-20 December 2022. The call is intentional for all Mmabana alumni to come and audition for the character bios listed below. The auditions start at 10:00 am, participants should prepare a 2-minute monologue for the audition. 

The project (Mmabana Film Talent Search) is looking to employ talent and crew predominantly from the North West Province as a way to cement a foundation of the ailing film sector in the province.  

Letsopa- what if only way to reach out is to first change yourself.

Character Biographies:


A 25 year old, Setswana speaking man. Our hero, Kagiso, is an embodiment of hope. Raised in a family where a mother is a staunch Christian, while the father is a man who believes in Setswana traditional customs, he has inherited both the traditional and Biblical wisdom from his parents, but he seeks to have his own views of the world. His mission is to become a better man than his father, Mothlala. Kagiso’s efforts to have a loving and compassionate relationship with his father is met with a hardened toughness. His father, a former mineworker, believes a man has to be tough to survive the modern times.

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A very confident 25 year old, Setswana speaking woman with a forceful personality. Having been raised by a single father, she took on a motherly role which makes her want to mother everyone in her life. She learnt everything about clay and pottery art from her father. Unlike Kagiso who is drawn more into the art form by passion, Boipelo sees the art as an outlet to make a living.

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Ntate Motlhala, Kagiso’s father

A 50 year old Setswana speaking man. He used to work in the Platinum plants as a skilled steel worker. He provided for the family until he got injured at work and could not work anymore. The inability to provide as a man bruised his ego, making him demand respect at all cost. He also carries anger believing he was not given what was due to him by the company he worked for. This makes him impatient and violent towards everyone around him, especially his wife and Kagiso.

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Morongwa, Kagiso’s mother

A 45 year old  Sesotho speaking woman who holds on to both Christian and Traditional values (She is late).

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Tshweu, Boipelo’s father

He is a 55 year old Setswana speaking ceramist and artist, a thinker, who believes in the Philosophy of The Potter’s Hand, that if the potter or the molder doesn’t guide and shape the clay the clay will fail to produce the desired results. He applies this philosophy both in his clay work and in life. Tshweu has had a share of fame in his life where some of his works are found in various galaries, but he decided to live that life in the past. He believes back then he had not found himself as a black person and as a man.

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A charismatic 55year Setswana Speaking old woman. She is the centre manager at the Art-Centre and handles the day to day operations. She is a great believer in using art to take young people away from the perilous life of self-debauchery and wayward behaviour.

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For enquiries, please contact - Marketing and Communications Unit Manager

Kgalalelo Molotsi

Cellphone – 063 687 0724

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