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MEC Kenetswe Mosenogi Visist to Lehurutshe Center

MEC Kenetswe Mosenogi paid a visit to the Lehurutshe center of the Mmabana Arts Culture and Sport Foundation. She received a warm welcome from ACEO Wessels Morweng and Regional director, George Thebe.

The purpose of MEC Mosenogi's visit was to assess the overall condition of the centre understand the challenges they are currently facing, and gain insights into the various programmes offered by the entity, which encompass artistic sports, performing arts, and visual arts.

During her visit, MEC Mosenogi took a comprehensive tour of the center to ensure that the Mmabana Arts Culture and Sport Foundation is effectively fulfilling the objectives set forth by the Department.

We are pleased to report that the visit was a success, and we extend our sincere appreciation to MEC Kenetswe Mosenogi for her efforts in this regard.

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