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ACEO visit to Lehurutshe Centre

Mmabana Arts, Culture, and Sport Foundation's Acting CEO, Mr. Wessels Morweng, has initiated a series of regional center visits to introduce himself to the staff and familiarize himself with the facilities they operate in. Today, he visited the Lehurutshe center, where he expressed his appreciation for the valuable work carried out by previous leaders in the CEO position.

During his visit, Mr. Morweng emphasized his commitment to maintaining and improving the entity's audit outcomes, ensuring transparency, and effective management of resources. He recognized the importance of financial accountability and governance to ensure the sustainability and growth of Mmabana Arts, Culture, and Sport Foundation.

Furthermore, Mr. Morweng reiterated the foundation's mission to serve the community through its unique creative arts offerings. He emphasized the significance of providing diverse and innovative artistic experiences that engage, inspire, and uplift individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

By fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment, Mr. Morweng aims to build on the foundation's accomplishments and forge new partnerships to expand its impact. He envisions Mmabana Arts, Culture, and Sport Foundation as a catalyst for positive change, nurturing talent, and promoting cultural expression throughout the community.

As Mr. Morweng continues his regional center visits, he looks forward to engaging with the dedicated staff, understanding their perspectives, and working together towards a shared vision of excellence and community service.

For further information about Mmabana Arts, Culture, and Sport Foundation and its initiatives, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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