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The Foundation will approve the particular job descriptions submitted by the bidder. No alterations, deletions or additions may be made to the job descriptions without the approval of the Foundation. Permanent alterations to be rectified by means of signatures of all the above-mentioned parties;

Job descriptions will be reviewed on a regular basis. Any proposed amendments will be negotiated with the Foundation and the Service provider;

Once the amendments have been agreed upon by all the above, they will be ratified by signatures to the relevant document. The Foundation has final approval of all amendments. Copies of the amended job description will be forwarded to all the relevant role players;

The Foundation will decide which site registers will be required;

The types of registers may include, but are not limited to the following: occurrence books (OB), visitor registers, after hour’s registers, vehicle registers, firearm registers, vehicle and/or person search registers, key registers, laptop/computer register etc.



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